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I am a Columbus based photographer and welcome to my blog.

I love to photograph babies in the tummy, babies out of the tummy, kids being good, kids being bad, kids with special needs, kids with fur, couples in love, families being themselves and seniors in between text messages :)

I have a fun and carefree style that I think you will be very comfortable with. Of course I love to take the classic picture where everyone is looking at the camera with a perfect smile but what I really love to catch is the real "in between" moments. The candid moments that you will cherish forever.

This is my photo blog where I will share favorite images from recent sessions and blab about my interests and family.

Thanks for visiting my site and taking a look. I really appreciate it. 

HAPPY HAPPY ELLIE | she is finally on a horse

I’ve had a few epiphanies this year with Ellie. She’s my quiet and easy one but really wants to be heard – and I haven’t been doing the best job listening thanks to the other 3 that aren’t quiet and easy:)

She has asked for two things consistently for the last 5 years. TWO THINGS. Horseback riding lessons and a cat.

Horse Shmorse I thought. I kept thinking it would pass but it didn’t. I made excuses for years – too expensive, too far, no time – all while bending over backwards to get Jackmajesty to his games and practices.

So one night awhile back after Jackson did or said something that made me realize he feels way too entitled I had a “coming to Jesus” moment about Ellie.

Life was getting easier. It’s not all about the first bearcub. Time to get on it.

So to avoid therapy for her and hatred towards me in the future I finally made the calls.

Lucky for us we got hooked up with Lauren at Wilson Hill Stables in Galena. Ellie LOVES it. Loves the barn, doesn’t mind the smells (Brynn can barely – sometimes doesn’t – get out of the car), loves to clean up poop and sweep and groom. CRAZY.

Today after a week long camp – and I think she has been riding for about 3 months now – her instructor had a “show” to show us what they (Ellie and another student) have learned. It was really interesting and cute and fun. I learned a lot. I’m getting it. I’m slow on this. I’m getting better:)

Oh – and we got her a cat too.


August 18, 2011 - 6:11 pm Sarah Anderson - Great photos! Thank you for including Kaitlyn in the pics :)

August 8, 2011 - 5:41 pm Lauren - Hey Cathy! Love the pictures! The girls did such a good job with the show, they had such a good time! So nice to see your beautiful shots up here!! Lauren

August 6, 2011 - 8:05 pm Stacey - Damn, girl! You are insightful. I love that. As i'm reading your post, I'm wondering to myself, "which of my kids am I not hearing?" And you balance heartfelt words with funnies that make me laugh out loud ~{jackmajesty} - HA! Ellie looks so happy on that horse! Good for you for listening :)

July 30, 2011 - 1:31 pm Lisa Scherer - My oldest rides and it is not the "easiest" sport to be a part of, it is an expensive...dirty, smelly sport. But these kiddos who love animals and love riding are always such kind beautiful souls. I love all your images, pushes me to get out there and capture better moments of my Abby riding. Thanks for sharing!

July 29, 2011 - 5:52 pm janel - I think our kiddos are living parallel lives. Carter is King Carter (as opposed to Jackmajesty). Peyton (who also loves frogs) begged for two things over five years: a dog and riding lessons. Got her the dog and the lessons. Somehow, in the midst of getting the dog and the lessons, she learned to be heard. Now I always know what she wants and is thinking. :0)~ But, its a good thing. You're a good mama.

July 29, 2011 - 3:11 pm Beth - She looks so happy!!

July 29, 2011 - 6:57 am Heather Crawford - Yes, we have to be careful that our firstborn doesn't get too entitled too..he often does...and we have to remember our girl...course, we only have two, so I'm sure with four it's harder...She looks like a natural on that horse! :)

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