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I am a Columbus based photographer and welcome to my blog.

I love to photograph babies in the tummy, babies out of the tummy, kids being good, kids being bad, kids with special needs, kids with fur, couples in love, families being themselves and seniors in between text messages :)

I have a fun and carefree style that I think you will be very comfortable with. Of course I love to take the classic picture where everyone is looking at the camera with a perfect smile but what I really love to catch is the real "in between" moments. The candid moments that you will cherish forever.

This is my photo blog where I will share favorite images from recent sessions and blab about my interests and family.

Thanks for visiting my site and taking a look. I really appreciate it. 

BASEBALL, BATTING and BULLDOGS | columbus, ohio dog photographer

So Jackson (12 year old son) loves baseball. LOVES. The only sport he has ever been interested in. Loves the uniform, loves the Indians, loves the cards, loves the stats, loves the pace…

He has a nemesis though. Batting. 8 out of the 10 times he’s shed a tear these past two years has been over batting. It’s really sad actually. When we found out he needed glasses Brad and I practically wept after a phenomenal chest butt. But the glasses didn’t help. Silly for us to think it was a vision problem, not a mental problem. So we decided to hook him up with some batting lessons because you get to the point where if your kid loves something and tries really hard you will do just about anything to help. And quite honestly when you are a 12 year old boy your entire self worth is based on how you bat. And if you are one of the last in the lineup you might as well be standing up there wearing a hot pink bikini with purple polka dots and a dunce cap because you feel like a worthless fool. Probably not that dramatic but you get the point.

So enter Randy. The batting coach. He stands like this and always has his hat “perched” on his head. I grew to love that about him. It’s funny what you grow to love about people. If I had a picture of the front of him you could see his sparkly blue eyes.


So Randy’s wife breeds bulldogs and needed some images for her website. Yes!  I was thrilled THRILLED to help out because in Randy’s own words…”he ain’t cheap”.

Look at these babies…img_9184blogimg_9202blog1img_9672blog1img_9452blog1

Then there is Christine – Randy’s wife – who I just ADORE. Quite honestly the last thing on Earth (like 2010’s biggest surprise) I expected was a soft spoken, peaceful, loving, adorable, beautiful wife rolling her eyes behind Randy. Randy can be harsh. Randy can be loud. Randy doesn’t sugar coat. But you put the two of them together and Randy is mush and I loved to be a witness to it. They make a great team.untitled-11

So Christine got her images and sold her beautiful puppies. Jackson gets some more batting lessons. And Randy saved some money on photography. Win. Win. Win.


Oh and if you’re reading this and your own son or daughter needs some batting lessons I can hook you up:)

May 20, 2011 - 5:20 am Jennifer Ingram - Ok, everybody is in tears over the baby, but you had me at the bikini line! OMG what a great description. And you know I am not a big dog fan (except Moose) but those are pretty darn cute!

May 17, 2011 - 5:11 pm Tina - Jake actually met with Randy a couple weeks ago. Games haven't started yet, but his batting is not good. I feel for Jackson. It's probably harder at his level.

May 14, 2011 - 2:13 pm Stacey - Cathy, we are living parallel lives. My twelve year old is in the Exact. Same. Boat. I could have written this post ( although not as well as you :) ) I hope Jackson crushes it this year! Love you! Stace

May 14, 2011 - 1:40 am Liesbeth Parlevliet - These little dogs are so adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that last shot of that little tushy!

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